Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/1/09: Thunderstruck!


I saw ACDC last night. My god it was awesome. Angus Young is ridiculous. If watching ACDC doesn't fire you up, you're probably not human.

Well man am I fired up. Racing hasn't been going so well this year, so I'm more than ready to get out there and kick some ass. I took a week off after Tahoe and a week of pretty easy running, but it's go time now!

The big races are Marine Corp Marathon on October 25th and the JFK 50 on November 21st. I'm throwing in the Potomac Heritage 50K on November 1st as training and may try to get in a 50K in September, too.

I've already started to think some about the race schedule next year. I definitely tried to race too much this year, so next year I'm going for 4 big races:
Boston Marathon in April
Laurel Highlands 70 mile trail run in June
Some race in August/September that I'll hopefully travel to
Mountain Masochist 50 in November
In other running news, Dylan Fitz ran 2:58 in the hilly San Francisco Marathon and qualified for Boston. He's a beast! We're planning to run Boston together, and I hope I can keep up. Maybe we can be the fastest people to finish Boston while throwing a frisbee the whole time. Now that's a record worth shooting for.
I may also see if I can rope him in for the August/September run (I also don't think he knows this yet).
Stay tuned for some big training changes that I'm going to try this summer/fall. I'll give you a sneak previous ... I'm planning to gain ten pounds. I'm sure this will make more than one person happy.


Dylan said...

As a frequent reader, I'm a little embarrassed to have not read your blog in two weeks. But I like the recent entry. I aspire to run like Will.

Don't forget that you're also doing the Birkie cross country ski marathon next year. I'll still trade you that for the JFK 50. The Support Team was unable to understand why people run things like the Tahoe 100, and a little undercover work might be necessary.

Mike Bailey said...
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Mike Bailey said...

Greetings Will,

LOL. Deleted past comment because it had tons of typos. Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog looking up fall races. Your name seemed oddly familiar and then reading through some of your entries, I realized we have been at the same races. I was the runner behind you at Potomac Heritage, and I remember you perched on the log at Seneca Creek 50k. I was also at Yosemite this April, but a few weeks ealier. Good to read your posts, and it looks like we're running at least 3-4 of the same races this fall. Keep up your awesome running!

Laura said...

I still think we need to coordinate a race where I can meet up with you and Jen... because I am tired of traveling to races alone :( I suggest a marathon/half/other distance race so we can all find something - maybe that can be your August/September event?? :)

Will said...

Dylan, the trade is very tempting. I shall consider very seriously.

Hey, Mike! I remember you at Potomac Heritage. "Perched" is a very generous term for what I was doing at Seneca Greenway. I would say that "flopped" or "collapsed" might be more accurate. Looking forward to seeing you again soon this fall!

Laura, sounds like fun. Let's do it! I'll have to leave it up to you to convince Jen to do the half though. My powers of persuasion don't seem to work very well :)

Danny said...

You need to persuade with the "boom!"

Laura said...

Oh, I already have her convinced! We were thinking maybe Vegas in December 2010 :)

Will said...

Ah, Jen didn't tell me about that! Vegas, baby, Vegas!