Monday, September 14, 2009

9/20/09: Fall Running

It's taken me a litte while to get these pictures up, but I went running out in the Massanuttens again last weekend. It was my first mountain run since Tahoe. Boy did it kick my butt! I ended up doing about 25 miles with somewhere around 4.5K to 5K feet of climbing. It was one tough run after a lazy last few months!

It was absolutely beautiful, though. I was amazed to see that fall had hit the higher up ridges. As I climbed up, the leaves changed color, and it was full foliage up top. Lots of great views.

I've been trying to put in some solid training for Marine Corp Marathon and the JFK 50. I've been hitting the track with the DC Road Runners when I can and joining them for faster long runs on Saturdays (at least faster than my usual ultra training long runs). Two of the better long runs were 18 miles at 7:15s and 25 miles at 7:30s. I've also been trying to put some distance in to keep in shape for JFK, too.

I'm absolutely loving the fall weather here in DC. In fact, it's time to go run again! Hopefully I'll do a 14 or 15 mile easy trail run to loosen up after yesterday's harder 25 miles.

I recommend that every gets out there to run, too!


Dylan said...

The pictures are so scenic that I almost want to train for the JFK 50 next year. I am also impressed that you've done some quick 25 mile runs, but you are "also" putting some distance in. I hate to imagine what that is.

Dylan said...

WillGT - I just registered for Boston and immediately came to born to run for inspiration. I need new blog entries!

Danny said...

Will's October blog activity:

Born to Run: 0 posts/ comments
Born to Birkie!: 1 posts/ comments

I think the world can see what Will is born to do.