Saturday, August 23, 2008

8/22/08: Weekly Training Log

This was a pretty solid week of training. The ramp up after Vermont is going well.

Saturday: 26 miles on the Appalachian Trail
Sunday: 12 mile easy run
Monday: 7 mile easy run
Tuesday: 10 mile hill & trail run
Wednesday: Off (traveling for work)
Thursday: 9 miles w/ 6x800 in 2:57 (200m rest)
Friday: 6 mile easy
Overall: 70 miles

I'm trying to focus a lot more on speed and cross training. I didn't get to the gym much this week because I was working long hours, but the track workout on Thursday was good. It was extremely tough, and I should have run those intervals faster, but I've done almost no speedwork for 6 months. Hopefully I can keep forcing myself to get out to the track once a week and get some speed back.

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