Saturday, August 30, 2008

8/29/08: Weekly Training Log & Trail Pictures

I had another great week of training. I've been working some crazy hours, but I've still been able to squeeze my runs in, and I got to 81 miles this week.

Saturday: 14 miles easy
Sunday: 28 mile trail run
Monday: 7 miles easy
Tuesday: 10 miles with with 8 hilly, faster miles
Wedensday: 8 mile trail run in Boston
Thursday: 7 mile speed workout (3x1mi in 6:00, 5:48, 5:36)
Friday: 7 miles easy

I felt really solid in the long trail run on Sunday even though it got very hot by the end of the run. Wednesday was also an awesome run. I was up in Boston for work and found some trails near the hotel I was staying at. I went to Callahan State Park, and the trails weren't too hilly or too technical, but it was very scenic and lots of fun. It was certainly a step up from my usual treadmill runs when I'm traveling for work.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the speed workout on Thursday. My first two speed workouts after 6 months of only endurance training were pretty terrible. I guess the third time is a charm. I need to make it a priority to do speed work once a week even when I'm training for ultramarathons. I think they really help for any distance.

Below are some pictures from the Sunday trail run. The run was entirely on trails right in Washington, DC. I'm always amazed at how many trails are inside DC and how scenic they are, so I tried to take some pictures along the way. Unfortunately, most of my pictures were terrible, and the memory card filled up before the best part of the run (Rock Creek Park). At least a few of them turned out well.

(Entrance to the Glover Archebald Trail)

(This trail runs for 3 miles right through Northwest DC)

(I don't know what this is, but it's right off Glover Archebald and looks pretty cool)

(Battery Kemble park, which links to Glover Archebald)

(Random creek in Glover Archebald)

I'll try to get more Rock Creek Park pictures some other time.

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