Sunday, October 26, 2008

10/26/08: Weekly Training Log

This week's training started out with a 12 mile run on Saturday and the Potomac Heritage 50K on Sunday, so I was pretty tired for the rest of the week. I ended up skipping my usual track workout on Wednesday night because my legs were still too sore.

I managed to talk myself into mile repeats on Thursday morning, but I only ended up doing 2 since my legs were STILL sore. I was able to hit 5:45 for the repeats, so I was happy with that part. Her's the breakdown of the week:
  • Saturday - 12 miles easy
  • Sunday - Potomac Heritage 50K in 4:58
  • Monday - 7 miles easy
  • Tuesday - 10 miles easy
  • Wednesday - 12 miles easy
  • Thursday - 7 miles w/ 2 x 1mi @ 5:45
  • Friday - 6 miles easy
  • Total - 85 miles

I ended up running 85 miles for the week but was pretty tired by the end. I took an unscheduled off day on Saturday to give my legs a bit of time to recover.

Jen and I also helped out at the Brooks section of the Marine Corp Marathon expo. We were there with a bunch of other people in the Brooks ID program, and we had a great time meeting everyone. There were a lot of fast marathoners and some ultramarathoners as well. The people who work for Brooks were also awesome. They gave us a lot of free gear for volunteering our time, so Jen and I made out pretty well.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my legs back next week and get in some more hard runs before Philly. Wish me luck!

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