Saturday, February 21, 2009

2/21/09: Back to the mountains

This week I paid the price for running harder than I should have last week at the George Washington Birthday Marathon. I was pretty worn out the rest of the week, but managed to hit 75 miles for week.

I was feeling better towards the end of the week and decided that I'd head out to the Massanuttens for some mountain running on Saturday. The last time I was out there was MLK weekend in January, and I won't be able to get back to the mountains again until Elizabeth's Fat Ass 50K on March 14th, so this was a good weekend to do some serious climbing.

I went back to Buzzard Rock where I did MMT training run # 1. I did the same first 4.5 miles climbing up to Buzzard Rock and then explored some different trails after that. It ended up being a tougher course than MMT # 1. It was all rocky, steep single track trail with no fire roads (let alone actual roads) to be found.

It was a beautiful day and a really fun run. I had a tough time getting going and didn't really warm up until after the climb up Buzzard Rock. My legs still weren't exactly fresh for any of the run, but I did feel pretty decent once I got past the first 5 miles and loosened up. I ended up hitting around 26 miles and probably had around 5K feet of climbing.

Today it warmed up to the mid 40s and was a bright, sunny, clear day. I brought along the camera and took some pictures. Unfortunately I think my camera is broken and it died about 45 minutes in even though I had just put new batteries in it. I still managed to get a few good ones in though.

(Start of the trail coming off the trailhead. Pretty runnable, right?)

(Let the climbing begin!)

(View from part way up to the climb to Buzzard Rock)

(Classic Massanutten rocks. Lots of today's run looked like this)

(The other ridge of the Massanuttens from most of the way up the first climb)

(You can see the top of the first climb in the top left)

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