Saturday, April 4, 2009

4/3/2009: Bel Monte Failure

I managed to rack up another DNF at the Bel Monte 50 last weekend :( I have plenty of excuses, but no excuse is good enough for not finishing.

We camped the night before the race for the first time. Between the cold, pouring rain, puppy we brought with us, only one sleeping bag, and not enough warm clothes, I slept all of about three minutes.

I wasn't feeling great from the start but was still pushing through pretty well. I was in 3rd place until about mile 20 and was running 9:45 pace on the extremely mountainous course with 11K feet of climbing (9% average grade).

Then my familiar stomach problems flaired up, and the wheels really came off.

It was a great course and and a great event, so hopefully I can return in the future and do better. I've been having way too many bad runs and DNFs, so the important thing is that I learn from this race to make sure things go better in the future.

Here is what I've learned so far:
  • We need to buy another sleeping bag
  • We need a foam pad for camping so sleeping on the ground isn't so uncomfortable
  • I still need to figure out my stomach problems. My water, soda, and S-Cap approach is not working right now. I'm planning to try a few things to get me more electrolytes so I can hopefully absorb water and food better. I'm going to try NUUN and Clip2 and see what happens.

Hopefully I'll have a more victorious race report after the Promise Land 50K on April 25th!


SBK said...

Cheer up little guy - we'll always have the Turkey Trot!

I'm thinking of training for a marathon this year. Been running 20 or so miles a week (for now - so the long Sunday run is missing). What is the Long Branch one like? The other thought is to do one in Hartford,CT in October.

Saw you called this weekend, but not until late each day so I didn't get back you. Busy weekend, worked both days. Haven't check the voicemails but will do that later today.

Danny said...

I hear Zombie Runner sells something for that.

It's called "gaining 20 pounds"