Monday, May 25, 2009

5/25/09: Memorial Day Weekend Training

The big training continues! I ran 70 miles over Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (22, 17, and 31).

On Saturday I did a 13 mile loop and then grabbed Danny Brome for the last 9. He was in town for a wedding and staying with us, so I got to hang out and run with the big guy! He is also one of the kind fellows pacing me at Tahoe, so he got some good practice.

Sunday was a relatively easy run, though it was pretty hot and humid. Today I went to Bull Run for some good trail running. I was a bit worn out from Saturday and Sunday, and it was VERY humid, but I still had a decent run.

I got tired early on, but pushed through well, managed to eat and drink a lot on the run, and finished strong. As a side note, Clip2 (ultrarunning hydration drink) is working extremely well for me, and I just go the new Brooks Cascadia 4 trail shoes and absolutely love them.

Oh, and here are a few pics I took out there today:

(Meadow around mile 9.5)

(Occoquan River through the trees)

(More meadow)

(Occoquan again)

(A little frog I almost stepped on)

(Better view of the water)

(Meadow at mile 20.5 coming back. Apparently I really liked this meadow.)

(This is the fastest moving turtle alive. It ran off so fast that I was barely able to get its picture.)

(A snake towards the end of the run)

(Stream crossing)

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Laura: Take 2 said...

In Iowa, we call those open areas "fields" :-)

My my, all those critters you see! Makes it fun I'm sure.

And I love that log trail crossing!