Monday, July 20, 2009

7/20/09: The REAL Race Highlight

Thanks for the kind words, everybody. It was great to have everybody following along. I'll definitely try to post some pictures soon.

Two days later, I'm still feeling ok with my decision to drop. My stomach didn't really start feeling completely better until this morning. It's a bit hard in retrospect that I didn't "go the distance," but I know I tried my best made the right decision to drop.

Anyway, I nearly forgot in my last post to call out the true highlight of the race.

Brome and I charged out of the mile 50 aid station, and I was really excited to be back out there. However, the adrenaline wore off quickly, I soon remembered that my stomach wasn't in great shape, and I had run 50 tough miles already with 10K feet of climbing.

There is a big climb coming into the next aid station at 56 miles. Boy it was a grind to get up there. I finally got there and plopped down in a chair. I was pretty spent, and so were a number of others trying to finish up the 50 or the first 50 of the 100.

What did Brome do? Well, he walked straight over to the bottle of Jameson sitting on a little pedestal and promptly took a shoot. The crowd loved it! Big Scottish Brome, throwing down a shot in the middle of a run. Good stuff.

I can't say it made my stomach feel better, but I was definitely amused.


SBK said...

Don't feel bad about not finishing, I'll let you beat me in the Turkey Trot this year.

Will said...

I'll actually be in Chicago for Thanksgiving this year. It'll have to be a bi-annual tradition from now on.

Also, I have since found out that one guy managed to take 4 shots of Jameson at the same aid station WHILE RUNNING.

The aid station volunteers were so impressed that they gave him the rest of the bottle.