Saturday, July 18, 2009

99.99999 miles to go!

And they’re off! The race got off to a successful start this morning, as far as we could tell. After a 3:30 wake up call, we drove Will to the start where the runners eagerly walked around showing off their shirts from previous races before embarking on the “ultra distance endurance run.” The runners didn’t exactly explode out of the start and Will seemed to laugh off our suggestions to elbow other runners in order to gain position for his kick. However, we can officially confirm that the first 47 steps of Will’s race have gone well!

When asked for a quote for the blog, Will wisely replied that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when you’re gonna run 100 miles.” And Will cautiously commented, “I already know how to run fast, I must learn how to run slow!”

Will reportedly slept well through the night for a bit over six hours and was energetic and excited for the race. His support team, on the other hand, after only three hours of sleep, was faced with the incredibly difficult choice of determining an order to eat breakfast, sleep more, and blog. You’d be glad to know that we found informing you, the public, to be our most important task of the morning. As a result, we slept and ate first so we could blog to the best of our abilities. We hope that you enjoy it! While sleeping, Dylan continued to grow his three day old goatee in a heroic emergency effort to look like Will. Also, after witnessing the start, Danny has updated his predicted finish 21 hours and 41 minutes – a whole minute faster!

Now it’s time for the support team to look for a map so we can meet up with Will at mile 26, at the eggs and bacon aid station.


SBK said...

Keep up the good work Support Team!

Meghan and my guess for finishing is 21 hours and 42 minutes. Though, in a little case of asymmetrical information, you selectively omitted what Will had for breakfast this morning. Meghan feels this is a very important piece of information "because we will most likely be seeing it again around mile 47".

Go get'em Will!

BK & Meghan

Laura said...

hehe, you guys are funny :) i appreciate the humor you bring to will's usual so-serious-about-running blog! :)