Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drama at 50 Miles...

Although Will entered the aid station at the 50 mile mark with the pedigree of a champion stallion, his outward strength covered his inner turmoil as he called out “I’m done” with a swing of the arms. It appeared that stomach problems had hit again as Will had been unable to take in much food or calories during the last two decamiles. His supportive yet inquisitive support team later determined that Will had thus far eaten a Cliff bar, energy shots, Cheez-Its, several salt tablets, and his soda and water. Having burned several thousand calories thus far, this was not enough.

Luckily for Will, Will knows stomach problems well. After sitting down and cooling off for about half an hour, a few PB&Js and several glasses of Sprite disappeared into Will’s now vacuous stomach where they brought renewed energy and festive cheer to a weak and vulnerable digestive system. With his new found energy, Will was able to become unsure about whether or not he would continue. An amazing feat of inner pain, motivation, and indecisiveness! “If I hadn’t already completed a 100, I’d probably want to continue,” Will joked, “and there’s a serious incentive problem now that I’ve already done the course once around.”

Then, it happened. Will asked for a cell phone to call his wonderful wife Jen, and Danny and Dylan began to plan for their newly free Saturday evening. Amazingly, Jen provided the kind of love and support that only she can (although a little disappointed to quit, Danny and Dylan were eagerly telling Will how nice the beaches here are), and convinced Will to continue on the joyous hell on which he is again currently embarked!

Will the support of Danny Brome, safety runner extraordinaire, Will is hopefully flying along the third segment of the course enjoying the vistas of Tahoe! We have not yet discovered why people do these races and I remain complacent to sit on the beach while this unique brand of crazy people continues to run. They all appear to be having an excellent time.


SBK said...

You are doing a great job guys! We support him no matter how far he makes it (because, quite frankly, he already ran 2 marathons in one day and we haven't even done ONE in our lives).

- Meg and BK

SBK said...

You da man!

Meg and BK