Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Marathon Down

Will just ran a marathon! Only 74 miles to go!

By the time Will arrived at the Mt Rose aid station, he found a honed and well-rehearsed support team ready for his every desire. Fortunately for us, he only requested Nathan’s handheld water bottles, sunscreen, Cheez-Its (sponsorship possible), a Cliff-Bar, more food, and salt tablets. Will’s been enjoying the trail, running well, and seems eager for the rest of the 74 miles. After completing the first section in approximately five hours, Will’s within his goal pace range. The altitude’s impact was noticeable, but Will has not yet succumbed to pulmonary edema.

The support team is off to inspect the local beaches and looks forward to meeting up with Will in another 24 miles. The support team is still unsure why people do this to themselves. We will investigate further throughout the day.


Jennifer said...

Hope you guys enjoy your time at the beach. With the amount of Cheez-its that Will goes through, a sponsorship would save us quite a bit on our grocery bill! :) Looking forward to the next update!

Laura said...

hehehe :)

keep it up, will!

tendeafears said...

I just rode 37 miles on a BIKE and I'm half dead. Will must be an alien from a planet with a different atmosphere. Or maybe a Kenyan. Gooooooo Will (and enjoy not gooooooing Danny and Dylan)! I don't know how to make my post under my name, but this is Brad.