Friday, July 17, 2009

Ultra Distance Endurance Blogging

It’s 9:30 Friday night and Will has gone to bed, but his Support/Safety Team is hard at work drinking beer and watching Talladega Nights. We want to update the two readers about how registration went today and we will be providing the world with an exciting Support Team view of the race tomorrow! It’s just like Will’s using Twitter, except it’s not Twitter, it’s not from Will, and it doesn’t suck like Twitter.

Will is running the self-titled “ultra distance endurance run” at Lake Tahoe. After some flight troubles, Will got in this morning and so missed the race briefing. But, he got a free travel mug, so his morning coffee will stay warm while he’s running. Perhaps we will drink this for him. Will weighed in at a whopping 152 pounds, so the caterers gave him some special attention, including extra pasta and a little flirting…though they may have just been trying to get to his support team.

We checked out a pool, practiced driving stick, then came up to the room and Will thunderdomed with E-Gel, one of his favorite electrolyte replacement gels. Being in Nevada, just before bed we placed friendly bets on the race. Danny predicts a strong finish in 21 hours and 42 minutes while Will humbly guessed 22:37. Dylan, after feeling guilty about his initial guess of DNF, is confident of a 20:48 finish. If, however, pigs do fly tomorrow and Will DNFs, Danny, Will, and Dylan guess that this will occur at miles 61, 68, and 76, respectively.

Stay tuned for our updates throughout the race tomorrow! Also, please place your own bets in the comments section.


Jennifer said...

good luck staying awake for 20+ hours dylan and danny! thank you for the informative blog from one of the two faithful readers (though I wonder who the other is?)

William said...

Good luck Will! Thanks to the Support/Safety Team for the update. We guess the faithful readers now total at least 3! :)
Mom & Dad Lewellen

Dylan said...

Jen, we've already taken a nap...though another blog entry is on the way! And we think Will's still doing well, though we'd better go and check.

Chuck & Susan said...

We can't imagine how Will can do this, but then we also can't imagine how the support team can do their work either. Best of luck and keep those updates coming -- thanks. Susan