Sunday, December 20, 2009

This weekend DC got hit with about 18 inches of snow that fell between Friday night and Saturday night. We hardly get any snow let alone big storms in December, so this was quite a surprise. Take that global warming!

Obviously I had to celebrate by running an unnecessarily long distance. We had a flight to Chicago at 1pm, so I headed out early to hit my favorite 14 mile loop around DC (as opposed to all the other 14 mile loops).

The loop is about half single track trail and half road/paved trail. Man, it was one awesome run! The trail sections were absolutely beautiful. Talk about a winter wonderland. They were also pretty tough, as I was slogging through a LOT of snow.

I just kept on chugging though, and it all went well with the exception of a run in with a stream around mile 4. I foolishly thought the ice would hold me up for the short, 10 foot crossing. It didn’t. The stream was really shallow, but nonetheless I was still over ankle deep in freezing water. All I can say is thank you Smartwool!

I was definitely pretty tired out by the end of the run. The snow running really took it out of me. When I got back home my shoelaces were frozen completely solid thanks to my stream encounter. After flailing around like a beached whale for about 15 minutes I FINALLY wrestled them off.

Despite the fact that it was just shy of 10am, I decided to celebrate with a hot shower and a cold Sam Winter. Maybe on the early side for a beer, but I think it was warranted after 2.5 hours of running the snow and maintain it was a great decision.

We don’t get snowstorms like this often in DC, and I sure am glad I was able to take advantage of it. I also wanted to take more pictures, but the battery ran out, so sorry about that!

Stay tuned for the 2009 roundup post coming shortly.

(Looking out of our balcony before I started running early in the morning)
(Arlington still hasn't figure out how to plow snow. They seem to like the huge piles in the middle of the road)

(View of Georgetown from the Key Bridge)

(Frozen over tow path)

(Just getting on the trail)

(I slid down the "stairs" to get to the trail)

(The infamous stream that bested me)

(View of Rock Creek as I started climbing up to Dumbarton Oaks)

(Climb up to Dumbarton Oaks)

(Cool looking stream that I actually didn't fall in)

(31st street heading down the Georgetown. Good luck to the people digging out of this)


Laura said...

running in/after a big snowstorm is my absolute favorite!! it's fun to run through the snow, and since it is still fresh it isn't too slippery. glad you enjoyed it!

oh, and yay smartwool!!! :)

Laura said...

saw your 2010 calendar - don't forget vegas on Dec 5th!