Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/10: Snowpacalypse!!!

So in case you haven't heard, we've been getting A LOT of snow in DC. We had about 2 feet over the weekend and another foot last night. In a city where a dusting shuts everything down, it is complete pandemonium here!

What can one do when school is closed, roads are closed, and restaurants/stores are closed? Go for a run! I was in Chicago over the weekend and traveling some for work as well, but I managed to get in a great run on Tuesday morning. I brough along the camera and got some good sunshine pictures of a buried DC.

Right now I'm stuck on a train trying desparately to get back home to DC, but hopefully I can get back our for another run tomorrow morning and take some more pictures of the fresh powder!

(Sunrise in Rosslyn)

(Some big ol' piles of snow)

(Iwo Jima)

(Glad that's not my car!)

(Field by Iwo Jima)

(Sunrise over DC)

(Looking out over the Potomac)
(About to cross Memorial Bridge)
(National Mall)

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Cory Reese said...

Cool pictures! That would be a little rough to run in.