Monday, February 15, 2010

2/15/10: A Bunch of Sissies

I was supposed to run the George Washington Birthday Marathon this weekend. I was really looking forward to this race, as I had a great time there last year.

They ended up cancelling the race because of the recent snowstorms. Seriously?! I mean it’s a road marathon, and the snow was finished 5 days before the race.

Ah well, what can you do? I’ve been trying to get a lot of miles in with the snowy conditions. My runs have been slow, and my legs are shot, but hopefully it’s making me tougher. All of my runs are on a mix of packed snow, slush, and deep snow.

The trails are still beautiful, and the forests are still just covered with snow. I was kicking myself for not taking my camera with me yesterday, as there were really some great shots.

Next race up is the Seneca Greenway 50K on March 10th. They are thinking about rescheduling the GW Marathon for March 6th, but I’m not totally sure how that will fit into Boston and other race plans.

Enjoy all that snow, everybody!

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Danny said...

You know what race wasn't canceled because of snow?


See you in Wisconsin in Feb 2011!