Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/3/10: Jackson Hole

I just got back from a trip to Jackson Hole with my Dad. It was our twelfth annual winter trip out West! While we went for the skiing, we also did some running, which I suppose makes it fair game to post here.

Jackson Hole is tucked up in the northwest corner of Wyoming close to both Idaho and Montana. It is very close to Yellowstone National Park and basically right in the middle of Teton National Park.

It was a really beautiful place and unlike any other place I have been. The whole area is very remote and doesn't have the usual built-up feeling you get with ski towns.

We got in 3 days of skiing and also went out for 3 runs to shake the legs out. Nothing like running at 6,000 feet after a long day of skiing!

I would love to come back to ski Jackson again and would also love to come back in the summer. Maybe someday I'll make it out to the Teton ultras on Labor Day weekend.

(Looking up the mountain from the base)

(Looking over the surrounding mountains from the chair lift)

(The ski was such an incredible blue. The pictures don't really do it justice, but you can definitely get a sense for how beautiful it was)

(Looking out from the highest point at the top of the Tram at 10.5K feet. In the distance you can see the Grand Teton)

(Dad at the top of the tram)

(A happy skier)

(More of that bluebird sky)

(Looking across the mountain)

(Looking out over the Snake River Valley)

(Grand Teton in the distance again)

(View of the surrounding area while I was out on a run. I came to a few spots that were even more scenic, but unfortunately my camera lense had frozen. It was about 10 degrees.)

(View of Jackson Hole while driving from the airport. What is amazing is that you can barely tell it is a ski area. Jackson has so much extreme terrain, trees, chutes, and out of bounds skiing, that you can barely tell it apart from the surrounding mountains.)

(The Grand Tetons again on the drive to the airport)

(The airport is actually nestled in right by the Tetons. You can see them just behind the airport. It made from some really scenic flights in and out.)


Jennifer said...

looks beautiful! so sad I couldn't go too!

Will said...

We certainly missed you, too! It just wasn't the same without you. Next year! Requests for location being taken (and I feel like your requests hold a lot of sway).