Sunday, March 7, 2010

3/7/10: Seneca Greenway 50K

Yesterday was my third trip to the Seneca Greenway 50K. I really love this race. It's incredibly well organized, I like the course, and it only costs $20!

Man did I end up having a tough day. My last few races have gone well, but yesterday was definitely a relapse of the 2009 debacles. A hadn't run much for a little while with the Jackson Hole ski trip, my legs were still shot from said ski trip (skiing Jackson is tough!), and deep dish pizza for dinner the night before had its revenge. What they say is true: Chicago and ultramarathoning truly don't mix together.

The short of it is that the first 15 miles went pretty smoothly. My legs were tired and much of the first half was covered with snow and ice still, but I made decent time and was averaging around 8:20-8:30 miles. I also got to run a bunch of those miles with Greg Zaruba, which is always a good time.

The wheels started exploding off in the 4 mile loop around the lake with my usual stomach problems. I came into mile 19 in big trouble. All I could really do was back off the eating/drinking and try to plod forward and get the thing done.

It was pretty rough, slow going. I did manage to get a bit of food and Coke down at mile 25. I was in a world of hurt in the last few miles and ended up throwing up a mile from the finish. Well man did I feel good after that! I flew through the last mile to finish in 5:37.

So it was a slow time, but I was really happy I persevered finished. I hung out with the VHTRC crowd for a while at the finish and nursed myself back to health. Big shout out to Zaruba who ran 4:36 in really tough conditions. He's a monster.

Today I felt pretty good and ran another 16 miles. The weather was awesome! It was about 60 and sunny, which felt amazing after a long and cold winter. The trails were all clear and dry around DC, and it was fun to hit the dirt again.

I'm looking forward to training hard, getting back on the trails, and enjoying some early spring running. Get out there and run, everybody!


Travis said...

Will, good to see you. Sorry you had a tough day, we both know thats part of the sport. Noticed you are looking at Laurel Highlands? I am think about it, I did the 50K last year. We should get together for some long miles sometime. Give me a ring next time you got something planned. Are you really going to the Muir Woods Marathon?

Travis Warren

Mike Bailey said...

Greetings Will,

I think we have talked for a bit after the race. I can relate a lot to 2009 being a rough year, and having another tough run at Seneca. I'm 100% to blame for my own debacles due to never tapering(ie a 20 miler two days before a 50k), donating blood during race season,and running too many races close together. All of these result in sub par performances that look like ok races in the eyes of others. However, deep down, I know I'm capable of much more and it's frustrating to not always be able to show it. I set my 50 mile PR last year during an event I didn't care about...and I also won the overall event. Funny how that works. You're a very good runner from what I've seen and heard. Don't take yourself too seriously, have fun, and you'll bust out good ones when you least expect it. And remember, you've already earned the right to wear that Brooks ID logo.

Happy Trails,
Mike Bailey

Will said...

Good to see you too, Travis. Nice time! That's definitely moving, especially in some pretty tough conditions. I would love to get together for some long miles sometime, and you should definitely do Laurel Highlands!

Mike, I definitely remember talking to you after the race and seeing you at a bunch of other races, too. You definitely capture the frustrations really well. The main thing is that we love doing what we're doing. Those days when everything goes right and you throw down a fast time are always good, too. Looking forward to seeing you out on the trails again soon.