Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/11/10: Muir Woods Marathon pictures

I took a few pictures with the big guy out on the trail. Rachel also took a bunch of pictures in addition to being support crew. Thanks, Rachel!

Awww, so cute

Near the start line on a cloudy morning

Brome is already having trouble drinking water. I'm sporting my "Top Golfer" hat and have the game face on.

Already having way too much fun

Brome celebrating success early

Celebration may have been a bit premature. Danny looks a bit scared.

Looking up the mountain we're about to climb.

And we're climbing!

Victoriously entering the first aid station at mile 3 after 1,800 feet of vertical

Brome hauling some ass out of the first aid station

Refueling at 11 miles. Despite Brome's face here, he was running well and feeling good (or so he told me).

Me pointing to Brome. I was beginning to be amazed by his performance.

This was a really beautiful section, so I took some pictures while Brome went ahead.

It was super green and lush here. Probably because it was raining so much.

Coming into mile 20

Rachel got this really cool shoot of us in the distance coming out of the last aid station. Around here we realized that we were only about 3 hours in and starting turning it on.

Glorious finish!

Brome's face shows he is not someone to be messed with

Man, it was a good day ....

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Dylan said...

Damn Thunderbrome! Well done! The Birkie! listservs are trembling in fear given your unprecedented training for Birkie! 2011.