Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/10: Pre-Boston w/ D'Fitz

Question: Who is this person?
a) Prefontaine
b) Homeless guy asking for change
c) Del Piero
d) Will's long lost running partner

Answer: All of the above! Yes, that is me, Steve "Dylan Fitz" Prefontaine getting ready for Boston while wearing a Del Piero soccer jersey (gotta stay focused on the World Cup even during the race) and I am away from home so I yes indeed homeless. Just before the picture was taken I dropped my "Will run marathon for water and gatorade" sign.

While some people prefer to train with massive amounts of running (see Will's taper as reported in the previous few posts), I, Steve Prefontaine, chose to forgo my usual incognito persona of Dylan the graduate student to return to the hairstyle and mustache that propelled me into a legendary runner. It is true - I, Steve Prefontaine, am returning to running! Because I have been in hiding as Dylan Fitz, graduate student mediocre, you might expect me to run at the normally slow pace that "Dylan" usually runs at. However, tomorrow I will let loose and unsheath my inner competitive sword to cut into Boston through the Heartbreak Hill. Look out!

The expo today was good and crowded. If I had exposed myself as an elite runner before hand, it would have been nice to have skipped the expo and sent Will "Pre's Little Errand Boy" Weidman to register for me. But the best laid plans are often developed while posting blog entries on BTR well after the plan would have proved useful.

Anyway, I've gotta go pick up a chick and cut my toe so that everyone is impressed by my ability to run through pain and bloody feet. Follow my results tomorrow on the Boston Marathon website and on BTR!

This is Boston Commons.
Fan of BTR Koushik Das (special thanks for housing us) and Steve Prefontaine


Good weather for the race

The long walk to the expo

This picture is pretty small, but adidas developed a great add campaign for their Boston Marathon "BM" (hahaha) gear. They had this incredibly large picture of a female runner squatting over a camera. But have no fear, we will be very cautious of the transparent sidewalks with cameras pointed up our shorts during the race. After all, I want to receive money for my money shots!

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Will said...

Prefontaine - it will be an honor to run with you tomorrow and it is an honor to be "Your Little Errand Boy." Just post if you need anything and I'll make it happen.