Saturday, April 24, 2010

4/24/10: Boston Marathon Pics

I took a few pictures before and after the race that I wanted to post.

So far recovery has been going pretty well. Took it easy this week and started loosening up.

Foolishly went out and ran a 5K this morning pretty hard, but more on that soon.

Dylan is so excited!
Athlete's village in Hopkinton. It was pretty crazy there! Good music over the loudspeakers though.

Oh my god. This guy is ready to go!

Rocking out by the portapotties.

Tata Consultancy took a picture of me on the course and e-mailed it to me. Not really sure why, but thanks Tata! You can see that I was hurting at this point.

After the race. Victorious!

Robert Anderson came by to watch the finish and somehow managed to find me in the mess of people. Thanks buddy!

Public gardens again .... I love gardens

Taking a breather in the public gardens and having a few snacks. We ran 26.2 miles and burned about 3000 calories. What did we get for it? A 100 calorie pack. Dylan was not amused. He's about to say a particular 4 letter word. See if you can guess what it is.

This may be the picture where Dylan looks most like Prefontaine. We decided to recover after the race by immediately heading to Cheers bar (yes, that Cheers bar). Nothing like a beer and a mountain of fries to replace calories. It was a ton of fun, and there were a bunch of other marathoners in the bar.

First Sam Summer of the year. Delicious.

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Dylan said...

Yeah, what the hell? A 100 calorie snack pack after a marathon? I didn't run my ass off and cause my legs to cramp up on behalf of Jenny Craig. I was hoping for a nice bowl of warm lard at the finish.

And well run WillGT! Congrats on the excellent running.