Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/10: Born to Run Eve!

So Eve is also Born to Run!

We were at a Dachsund Meetup recently, which basically involves 30 or 40 dachsunds running around a big yard. Pretty cute stuff.

Eve was having an awesome time tearing around the yard, and someone there was kind enough to take a few pictures of Eve running with their super awesome camera.

The pictures below are pretty outstanding. I'm not sure I've ever seen a creature look so happy while running!

On a side note, training is still going pretty well. My knee bothered me last week, but I just cross-trained for a few days and still managed to get in over 90 miles. After two 90+ mile weeks, which I'm not really used to at this point, I'm definitely in need of taking it a bit easy. I'll dial it back this week and then hit it really hard next weekend. I'm planning to head out to the mountains and will definitely bring a camera and post some pictures.

Happy running everybody!

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