Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/9/10: Training Hard

First off, I forgot to post the picture Jen took at the finish line of the New Jersey Marathon. What was I thinking?!

With Laurel Highlands not very far away, I've started training to get back in ultra shape. There isn't too much time left, but I do have a good base from pretty consistent miles throughout the winter and early spring.

Last week I ran 90 miles to kick things back in gear. I'm hoping to hit 100 miles this week. It's going to tough with work trips on Monday and Friday, so I kicked things into gear with 53 miles this weekend.

I went out to Bull Run yesterday for 35 miles, which was by far the furthest I've gone in a while! I had intended to more like 30 but somehow managed to get lost on a trail I run all the time and added another 5 miles. My legs were pretty beat, but my stomach held up well, and it ended up being a great run. Today I ran 18 and felt great despite the long miles yesterday.

I've got to do a lot of running between now and June 12th but am feeling good so far and looking forward to it. I took a few pictures yesterday at Bull Run. It was awesome weather and a beautiful day. Hopefully the good spring weather holds up for a little while longer before the DC swamp kicks in.

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