Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21/2010: Philadelphia Marathon

Two posts in one day. You all are lucky readers!

Today was the Philly Marathon / Half Marathon extravaganza. Dad and I ran together in the marathon, Dylan (college roommate and Tahoe crew / guest poster) ran the marathon, Laura (Jen's high school friend and track teammate) ran the half marathon, and Roz (college friend) ran the marathon with one of her students in the Students Run Philly Style program.

It was wildly successful all around. Dad had an amazing race and ran 3:40, which qualified him for Boston with 5 minutes to spare! He ran strong the whole way, paced it perfectly, and just crushed it in general. We ran right around 8:12s for the first half and ran the second half in around 8:30s. This was only his second marathon, and it's incredible how well he had it dialed in. Congrats Dad!

I had a ton of fun running with Dad and really enjoyed the race. Highlights (aside from running with Dad) included excellent weather, gummi bears at mile 23, and liberal use of the beer aid station twice at miles 19 and 21. It's so good when it hits your lips.

Dylan did very little training and still managed to run 3:11 somehow. Rumor has it that he would have qualified for Boston if it wasn't for a porta potty stop. Dylan's ability to run races well with very little training just amazes me.

Laura racked up another half-marathon in her quest to run a half or a full in every state. Laura also didn't train a lot for this one but finished really well in 2:05.

We didn't get a full debrief from Roz, but we saw her out on the course running with her student. Students Run Philly Style is a great program, and it's great that Roz gives so much of her time to it.

Jen really outdid herself in crew duties this race. With so many runners going different distances, it was certainly complicated. Jen should write a book on how to crew in races. She's got a black belt in it.

I really like the Philly Marathon and have a ton of great memories there. I'm looking forward to going back there. Rocky has 5 movies (I only count 1-4 and 6), so I figure I should at least run the marathon that many times!

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