Saturday, February 5, 2011

2/5/11: Building Character

Training has been going incredibly well for the NJ 100. Maybe too well? Here are some of the highlights since I began serious training a month and a half ago:
  • 5 weeks in a row of 90+ miles a week
  • 4 runs over 30 miles, including a 35 and 40 miler
  • Some decent speed workouts such as 3 mile repeats in 5:39
  • Some pretty solid longer tempo runs in the mid to upper 6s

All in all, I couldn't really ask for much more (at least without hurting myself).

Today I ran 40 miles, which will hopefully be my second longest training run before the NJ 100. Naturally I chose to do this run on a cold, rainy day. I can say at the very least that this was a "character building" adventure.

For the entire ~6 hours it was about 34 degrees and rainy. I was also not very well prepared for these conditions. I mean who needs forecasts? I neglected to wear my waterproof jacket and actually wore nothing at all that was remotely waterproof.

After a few hours, I was pretty thoroughly soaked through. My hands were the worst. My gloves were soaked with freezing water, and I honestly thought I would have the bail out from the run because they were so cold. The trails still hadn't recovered from last week's snow either. A lot was clear, but there were stretches of several miles that still had inches of uneven ice.

Despite all these challenges (some environmental and some self-induced), I actually had a fantastic run. My legs felt solid, my stomach was fantastic, and I ran relatively fast (close to 9 minute miles).

Hopefully I can keep feeling good and have another solid run when I attempt ~ 50 in two weeks. And maybe I'll get to build some more character in the process.