Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/4/11: Early Spring Running

I may have ended the NJ 100 very early, but my knee was still pretty tweaked afterwards. It actually started bothing me during the heavy training mileage, particularly in the 50 mile training run. It was very sore after the DNF, but I took it a bit easy for a while, and now it is almost back to 100%. I did about 35 miles of running this weekend in the beautiful DC early spring. I really love when spring comes after a long winter of putting in miles in the cold, dark, winter weather. It never seems like it can come fast enough, though! For some reason, every year I expect it to magically switch to being full spring sometime around late March. That never actually seems to happen, and this year has been no exception. In fact, it has been worse than usual. It has been unseasonally cold in DC, and spring has been slower than ever to come. All the cherry blossoms came out early and then promptly froze off the trees. But we're finally turning the corner. I took a few pictures of spring in DC this weekend. Jen and I had our friends Joel and Rachel in town. We went to the Tudor Gardens, which are between Georgetown and Dumbarton Oaks. I've been meaning to get there for a while and was very excited when we made it in just before closing! My late spring race plans are also starting to firm up. I've signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler, which is on June 4th and very close to DC. I'll likely end up doing the Capon Valley 50K in West Virginia on May 7th as well. Next weeking I'm hoping to make it out to the mountains for the first time in a long time. If that happens, I'll definitely post more pictures next weekend.

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