Friday, July 8, 2011

7/8/11: Week of 7/2 Training Update

I'm sitting writing this on a plane at about 10pm on a Friday night, and man am I tired! This was another very big week of training after many other recent big weeks of training.

It is catching up to me, and I am exhausted, but I'm rapidly approaching taper time for the Headlands Hundred. While I'm mostly very tired, I've had some encouraging signs that I'm really snapping into good shape.

  • Saturday: 13 miles very easy. Was really tired and listened to my body.

  • Sunday: 25 miles. Rock Creek Park loop in 8:30. Felt pretty easy.

  • Monday: 35 miles. Browntown Loop with VHTRC in ~4h. Added another 14 miles. Probably close to 6K feet of climbing.

  • Tuesday: 11 miles. Pretty sore.

  • Wednesday: 13 miles. Still tired

  • Thurdsay: 7 miles. Yup, legs still felt terrible.

  • Friday: 7 miles. Better, but still recovering from the weekend.

  • Total: 111 miles

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Laura said...

wow, 111 miles... amazing!