Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25/11: Almost time for the Chicago Marathon

So getting back into serious training has been hard! Part of it is that running has always been a routine for me, and I just need to get back into that routine. Lots of travel for work also has not been helping.

Things were starting to come back together, and then I got sick last weekend. I wasn't able to do any running, but on Sunday I felt good enough for a really nice hike with Jen in the Shenandoahs near Charlottesville. It was about 11 or 12 miles up to Skyline Drive, and the weather was fantastic. We got a couple of pictures along the way.

I felt much better after the weekend and did a very solid tempo run on Wednesday. I ran 6 miles starting at 7:00 pace and steadily ratcheting down until I hit 5:30 pace for the end. I averaged about 6:20s over the 6 miles.

Then this weekend I got the higher mileage going again. I ran 20 miles yesterday and another 20 today with some additional cross training and lifting. Yesterday I ran hard and averaged about 7:25s on a route with a lot of hilly trail miles. I kind of pulled that run out of nowhere and definitely paid a price for it. I was wrecked afterwards!

I'm not going to taper much at all for Chicago and plan to continue training fairly hard for at least another week. I'm in general pretty rested since I took it easy for so long this summer, so I figure it is better to keep getting my legs back in the very little time I have.

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