Friday, November 25, 2011

11/25/11: Long Grove Turket Trot 5K

First off, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Yesterday Jen and I kicked off turkey day by running the Long Grove Turket Trot, which was near her parent's house. I ran the 5K, and Jen showed me up by running the 8K.

I had a pretty decent run and finished in 18:03, which was good for 5th place and winning my age group (results here). It wasn't my fastest time, but I was still pretty happy with it given where my fitness is. I would really have liked to finished under 18 and regret that I didn't wear a watch. There were no splits on the course, and I feel like I could have found 4 seconds if I had only known!

But it was a great race and a lot of fun. It starts and finishes in a cool little downtown area on a main street lined by shops. The race has also grown a lot in recent years and is up to about 2,000 people, which seems like the max they can actually handle.

I'm sure that I'll do this every other year when we are here in Chicago for Thanksgiving and make this part of the turkey trot tradition along with the Flemington 5K.

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