Sunday, November 6, 2011

11/6/11: Getting faster

My endurance training still has not been great, and my weekly mileage is no where near what I would like. But on the bright side, I seem to actually be getting fast again!

This last Monday I did 2 x 1mile repeats after work and hit the miles in 5:42 and 5:30. Both didn't feel too hard, and I only held off on a 3rd mile repeat because I was still sick. On Thursday I ran 5 miles of my run at 6:10s, which felt really easy. Then yesterday I did a 14 mile run with 10 of the at 6:34 pace. It is fun to run fast again! (or at least fast for me)

I'm still focusing on building up the mileage and getting back in good endurance shape, but I'm going to try to keep doing the speed workouts to see if I can throw together a decent Turket Trot 5K this year.

Here is the weekly summary. Mileage sucked in part due to being sick and in part due to work travel. I guess there is always next week!

  • Saturday: Off (sick)

  • Sunday: 12 miles easy & lifting

  • Monday: 12 miles, 2 x 1mi @ 5:42, 5:30

  • Tuesday: Off (work travel)

  • Wednesday: Off (work travel)

  • Thursday: 12, 5 @ 6:10

  • Friday: 10 easy

  • Total: 46 miles


Anonymous said...

T-Trot shout out!

Barbara said...

Good luck this weekend! We will be cheering you on, but I'm afraid our picture poster is still at the printers.