Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10/11: Training Recap

I didn't quite hit the mileage I had hoped for last week, but I at least got one very good run out of it.

  • Saturday: 13 miles with Dad in NJ.

  • Sunday: Off. My legs were shot, and I really needed to take a day off.

  • Monday: 13 miles easy @ 7:40. Felt better after the day off.

  • Tuesday: 10 miles w/ 9 mile tempo run @ 6:18 pace. I was very happy with this run. I was initially planning on running 6:30s, but the faster pace felt pretty easy at the start. Definitely was getting tired at the end, but still a very encouraging run.

  • Wednesday: 5 miles easy @ 7:40

  • Thursday: 7 miles easy @ 7:20

  • Friday: 5 miles very easy @ 8:00

  • Total: 53 miles

This morning I ran the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50K and had a pretty solid run. I'll leave you all in anticipation for the race report I'll run soon!

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