Thursday, March 1, 2012

3/1/12: Training Recap

Last week I managed just under 80 miles even with the hard effort at the George Washington Birthday Marathon. Aside from the race, they were all easy miles to make sure I fully recovered.

That leaves me in the last 3 weeks of training before the race! From here the focus is on dialing back the miles a bit, sharpening my speed, and getting in some marathon pace runs. I always feel like there is not enough time before a big race. On the bright side, hopefully that means that I'm not past my peak.

  • Saturday: 7 miles easy

  • Sunday: 28 miles. George Washington Birthday Marathon @ 3:04 + short warm up / cool down.

  • Monday: 8 miles easy + core and lifting

  • Tuesday: 12 miles easy

  • Wednesday: 8 miles easy

  • Thursday: 8 miles easy

  • Friday: 7 miles easy

  • Total: 78 miles

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