Monday, March 26, 2012

3/26/12: Firing Up Ultra Season

Now that marathon season is out of the way, it is time to start training for ultra season!

Jen and I went for a 13 mile hike out in the Shenandoahs. We hiked up the steep White Oak Canyon climb (I was out on this trail back in June of last year), crossed over to the Appalachian Trail, did a few miles on the AT, and then hiked down through Cedar Run.

The forecase had called for rain, but we really lucked out and had some great weather and an awesome early spring hike.

Then yesterday I did about 25 miles on trails throughout DC. It sure feels good to get back on the trails and off the roads!

Nice view as we hiked up the canyon.

Me struggling to take a picture without dropping my iPhone down the falls.

Lower falls

You could see spring starting to come, and the tops of the trees had leaves in some sections

Looking at the falls through the trees. You can see some of the awesome spring colors.

View from the top of the Appalachian Trail.

Upper falls

This is a natural water slide. Looks like so much fun!

There were all of the cool looking flowers along the trail.

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