Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2/12: Living the Life in Colorado

I'm out in Colorado right now with Jen and my father. Yesterday we skied Vail, and today we skied Breckenridge. They had a bad year for snow and conditions are not great, but we are having an awesome time nonetheless!

After skiing in some uber-spring conditions at Vail yesterday (75 degrees at the base at the end of the day) and partaking in some apres-ski fun, I decided to explore some trails near the condo where we are staying. I ended up finding some trails that snake through the White River National Forest. We are staying up at 10,500 feet, so the running is definitely not easy (especially the uphills). But I had an amazing time running in some great weather with killer views. Here are some pictures, though they do not really do the scenery justice.

It was overcast for a while at Breckenridge today, but the sun started coming out later in the day, and I got some decent pictures on my phone of the good views. Tomorrow we are back at Breck, and then it is on to the Grand Canyon!

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