Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/12: Ice Age 50 Pictures

So Dylan and I successfully completed the Ice Age 50!  It was an incredibly good time, but I will hold off on any more details since Dylan is going to be doing a guest post soon!  For those of you who remember Dylan and Danny's fine work from the Tahoe Rim Trail 100, you should be very excited.

What I will do is share some awesome pictures that the best crew ever took during the race.

Hillay and Rachid - super fans!

This was the first aid station where we saw our world renowned crew

I look inexplicably disgusted by Dylan appling sunscreen

Feeling good almost and almost halfway done!

Coming into the mile 30 aid station

Show me the fever!

Mile 37 and Mom and Dad Lewellen have arrived!

Look at this guy!

Hanging out and enjoying the scene

Jen told me to stop smiling

Doing some serious strategizing

Apparently my previous "not smiling" face was too sad, so I went for tough.  I did not succeed.

Back into the wood.  We would return to this aid station at 43.5.

Dylan's name is just too long to spell out completely

Back at the 43.5 aid station.  Dylan was getting the royal treatment from the crew!

Hey, where's my massage?

The fan base has grown for the finish!  Jen's Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff, and cousin Lauren came from their home in Madison to witness the insanity.  Thanks so much for coming!

Victoriously approaching the finish

Some happy guys who don't have to run any more

Finishers got a belt buckle.  Who needs 100 mile races?

I'll let Dylan fully explain this one in his post, but he did it for the fans.

The crew was so tough and dedicated they got tattoos!

The family at the finish
Jen's hilarious sign

That's right.  No European miles here.

Hold it right there .... perfect!

1st place finisher wearing a sports jersey the entire race!

Beer in one hand and food in the other.  I dare you to find a happier human being.

This basically sums it all up.  We ran a whole lot, we had the best fans in the world, and we had tons of fun.

Thanks again so much to the crew and the fans.  And congratulations D-Fitz!  Welcome to the dark side.  You are now officially an ultramarathoner.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Will, Dylan just sent me this link and it is HILARIOUS. Congrats on the race and say hi to Jen! Caitlin