Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25/14: Grindstone 100 - Stupid is as Stupid Does

The Grindstone 100 is billed as the toughest 100 miler on the east coast, though I think there is a legit debate between Grindstone and MMT.  It has 23,000 feet of climbing with several big 3K+ climbs.  The 6pm start time on Friday also adds an interesting challenge.

I signed up for Grindstone 1.5 weeks before the start date on 10/3.  You might say this was a bad idea.  You would be right.  “Wait Will, didn’t you just fail to finish a 50 mile race and drop down to 36 miles?”  That is correct. 

I am hoping that 5 weeks away from work, running lots of vertical in the Alps / Massanuttens / Asheville, and lots of rest will be a good recipe for running 100 miles.  It is also possible that I am stupendously bad at relaxing on vacation and needed a big goal to focus on.  Regardless I will be toeing the line a week from tomorrow at 6pm.  Whatever happens I am sure I will have an interesting tale to tell!

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