Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/16/15: Trail Verbier Pictures

My darling wife was kind enough to buy me the Trail Verbier race photos for my birthday.  I think letting me do the race was way more than enough, but she is ever the overachiever. 

I'm not usually one much for race photos, but the first two pictures they got were epic.  They had a photographer well placed at the top of Le Catogne at 8,500 feet.  The morning light was perfect, and the 360 degree views were a highlight from the course.  We'd just climbed 6,500 feet straight to this point, so I'd say we earned the view.  This is also where they had helicopters buzzing overhead, making this stretch of the course even cooler.

The next set of pictures didn't quite do this part of the courses justice.  This was after the descent off Catogne and 2/3 of the way up the climb to Orny Hut.  I was wrecked at this point so was not at my most photogenic, and it was difficult to capture the scale of the scenery in these shots.  Still very cool, though.

And here I am chugging ever so slowly to the finish line.  

Finally done and super happy.

Thanks so much for the great present, Jen!  The first picture is now on display in my office in case anyone at work still doubts my sanity.

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