Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/16/15: Raising Money for Wounded Warriors

I'm excited to be raising money for Wounded Warriors at this year's Marine Corp Marathon.  Having run MCM five times now, I've had the honor of seeing many wounded warriors on the course and have been amazed and humbled by them.

The beauty of the out and back sections of MCM is that it allows you to see much of the field regardless of your pace.  Whether seeing the wheelchair racers flying ahead of me or an amputee making my job out there seem so easy by comparison, it is hard to not get emotional when faced with such courage and knowing what others have been through on that day but more importantly over the course of their service to our country.

I'm proud to run for Wounded Warriors this year and gratefully appreciate any contributions anyone can make.  Here is my charity site and thanks!

8/16/15: Trail Verbier Pictures

My darling wife was kind enough to buy me the Trail Verbier race photos for my birthday.  I think letting me do the race was way more than enough, but she is ever the overachiever. 

I'm not usually one much for race photos, but the first two pictures they got were epic.  They had a photographer well placed at the top of Le Catogne at 8,500 feet.  The morning light was perfect, and the 360 degree views were a highlight from the course.  We'd just climbed 6,500 feet straight to this point, so I'd say we earned the view.  This is also where they had helicopters buzzing overhead, making this stretch of the course even cooler.

The next set of pictures didn't quite do this part of the courses justice.  This was after the descent off Catogne and 2/3 of the way up the climb to Orny Hut.  I was wrecked at this point so was not at my most photogenic, and it was difficult to capture the scale of the scenery in these shots.  Still very cool, though.

And here I am chugging ever so slowly to the finish line.  

Finally done and super happy.

Thanks so much for the great present, Jen!  The first picture is now on display in my office in case anyone at work still doubts my sanity.

8/15/15: Grindstone 100 Training!

I took a bit of time to recover after Trail Verbier (well not counting the run I did with 5,000 feet of vertical later that week because I couldn't help myself).  Fortunately I recovered well and jumped back into training quickly.  After going so deep into the well at Trail Verbier I couldn't contemplate the thought of Grindstone when I finished the race, but after a whole 24 hours I was back in the game and fired up!  Oh how quickly the mind forgets ...

I've been focused on ramping up the mileage while getting in good quality as well.  I've been trying to mix in some speedwork (not so speedy these days) and some solid climbing.

Here is what last week looked like:
  • Saturday:  16 miles.  1,600 feet of climbing.  Mostly trail.
  • Sunday:  20 miles.  2,300 feet of climbing.  Mostly trail.
  • Monday: 8 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 10.5 miles.  2.25 on the treadmill with 1,500 climbing.
  • Wednesday:  11 miles.
  • Thursday:  9.5 miles.
  • Friday: 9 miles. 2 on the treadmill at 10%, 6mph.
  • Total: 84 miles.  9,000 climbing.
Lots of those miles were also with Liam in the jogging stroller.   This gives Jen a great break but also gives me an extra challenge!  Now that he weighs close to 30 pounds, the long uphills are starting to get serious.

Next weekend I head out to the Grindstone course to volunteer on the trail on Friday and run 30 miles of the course on Saturday.  It should be a ton of fun and really good training.  Then I plan to run The Ring on Labor Day Weekend (tough 71 mile course circumnavigating the Massanuttens).  These two runs will be the backbone of training and the rest will fill in around them.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go run 3,000 feet of vertical on a treadmill.